NUBE, the story behind images

My name is Sameh and I'm 33 years old. I've lived in Dubai for almost 11 years and currently I'm living in Barcelona. My life journey allowed me to experience a very multicultural life.

Growing up next to a grandmother who is the most talented person I know in terms of “alta costura”, helped me to discover my tendencies towards the world of fashion and creation of my dream dresses! She introduced me to the basics of fashion design and helped me to develop my knowledge for construction of my sketched garments!  During my course of education, my endless passion for details and design dragged me to the world of Architecture, yet never stopped designing and creating stylish and unique garments for myself and even sometimes for my friends and family!        

After finishing my bachelors in Architecture I continued to work in the same field until I moved to Barcelona and began to think of fashion design as my main profession.

I took my masters in International marketing & Marketing intelligence in Barcelona and on June 2017, I based my very own brand named NUBE barcelona, aiming to bring this "cloud" of thoughts which has always been with me in to reality. :)